Sunday, 2 April 2017

So many things

This has been a difficult month.  For those of you who read this and have pets, you will understand that losing a pet is hard.  This happened at the beginning of the month and I quilted my way through it.  Then I lost two family members.  One had lived a long and fruitful life and the other was taken so very young.

I also added a new pet; a new puppy called Faith.  Yes, this is hard work but so rewarding when you train a pet to be a companion who will reward you over and over again for many years.  Still have kept quilting but this time for others.

There was also a bright spot when I taught the techniques I pictured in my previous posts.  The people who did the class had a lot of fun and for some it meant seeing quilting through a different view finder.  It proves that learning something new teases the brain to engage all its parts.

You can quilt while the tears run down your face at a loss; while you laugh at puppy antics; and you can share your joy at learning and creating projects that others can enjoy and you can hug to your heart as accomplishments.

I discovered quilting when I thought my zest for learning new things had sort of dried up.  It has not and quilting means so much more than fabric, sewing, actual quilting what you have sewn.  

Wishing all the ability to quilt through life.  I have Faith.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Making fabric

This is taken from a demo by Victoria Findlay Wolfe  I saw it a couple of years ago and used it but this time I used much smaller pieces of leftover fabric.  I really like how it makes the 'made' fabric stand out.  In some cases I reused the pieces I cut from the 'made' fabric in another block.  Tiny pieces but quite easy to work with.  I have a previous post called an Orphan Block where I used larger pieces.

Copied Angela Walters hint of taking pictures of what you have quilted to copy again within the quilt or the border.  Watching Angela is like a safety blanket.  She admits to errors and how she deals with them;  with aplomb.   In this case you can see I started before the corner of the diamond and marked the mistake with a pin to remove the wrong stitches after it was off the frame.  The room where I took the pictures was quite bright; sun which we have wanted so badly.  It has been a grey winter in more ways than one.  Oh to see my garden looking all green and pink like this table runner.