Sunday, 10 September 2017

Last of the Round Robin Guild Quilts

The center is again the Tree of Life.  It is the same but different.  Colours can make a block and/or quilt be quite dissimilar to another quilt/block.
Dealing with large borders can be problematic as designs to quilt them are not necessarily those you would normally use in a border or sashing.  But you want something that will not just leave the border to be uninteresting.  This loop t loop stitch with periodic stylized small flowers worked quite well.
Fern shapes around the Tree of Life in the corners gave it some definition but are not as fussy as traditional feathers can be.  Fern shapes is a great stitching element for a large border as well.  I did it on a quilt of my own without realizing it is a bona fide stitching pattern.   I just liked doing it.

This quilt made by members of Annapolis Quilt Guild, like the others, will go to give comfort to someone a guild member knows who is either in therapy or recovering from cancer.  When doing these quilts I consider each stitch a prayer so the quilting plus the piecing is putting a huge number of prayers for the recipient into the quilt.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Another UFO Finished - Happy Face

This throw quilt has been hidden in a box for, I hate to say, 4 years or so.  There was a craze for these quilts in a couple of guilds I belong to.  I made one for my self which I called Logic and Passion (a previous post) and so as a gift I started this one to match the decor in a TV room of friends.  I got the center done and many things intervened.  

I had an urge at the end of last week to do some piecing instead of just quilting so I dug it out and added the border. Better that than start something else which would fall into the UFO category. And better than staring at my unfinished bathroom renovation.(Oh for a nice hot shower)  Started on Friday and this is Monday and the border is on; the quilt is quilted and bound.  It was not a summer weekend and great for staying inside. 

The quilt took about 7 fat quarters and one more trip to the local quilt store (The Wooden Spool in Granville Ferry, NS)  to get a back which is a brilliant yellow; the binding is made of that material.  A great colour to have in the depths of winter.  I cannot wait to see the surprise when I take it to its home.  It will truly be unexpected.  

Now, there are no more UFOs i.e. unfinished objects but there are still lots of nicely stacked plastic boxes with fabric and patterns that can become UFOs.  I do not have the heart to count how many boxes.  So I will celebrate this and close my eyes to the boxes but unfortunately not my mind.  Maybe I should just count boxes instead of sheep at night.